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6 Things I do to remove water stains from my chrome kitchen faucets

Are you tired of all the water spots and water stains on your kitchen faucet? Do you want your chrome kitchen faucet to look like new again? There are 2 ways to deal with this. Check out kitchen faucet reviews and get a new unit or its time that you clean your chrome kitchen faucet and remove all the water stains from its surface.

It is quite easy and simple to clean it if you know the correct technique. So clean your kitchen faucet with the below-mentioned process and your faucet will start shining spotless again.

Consult the manufacturer

The first step to clean your kitchen faucet should be to check if your manufacturer has mentioned any cleaning process for your faucet before you start using any industry cleaning solution. If they have mentioned any cleaning soap for the faucet, you should use that while cleaning your faucet.

Clean with a damp towel

Now take a clean towel and damp it with hot water, then add a mild soap solution to the damp towel and use it to rub the soap detergent all over the faucet and especially on the parts where there are stains and spots.

Make sure you take adequate amount of soap detergent and not overdo it else you might end up discoloring your faucet.

Scrub away the surface

Scrub a little with the damp towel on the stained area and then use cool water to rinse off the soapy solution from the faucet. Make sure that the whole faucet is completely free of the soap solution and dry it using a soft, terry cloth.

Once the faucet has been dried properly, you need to use another terry cloth to rub on the stained area and continue this process till it is not removed. Once completed, check for any remaining spots or stains and perform the whole soap process again if needed.

Use a Vinegar solution

Once all the stains and spots have been removed, time to make your faucet shine and make it look as good as new again. Take a clean paper towel and soak it with a whiter vinegar and water solution.

Then keep this damp towel on the faucet for around 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, remove the towel and rinse your faucet with cool water to remove any vinegar residue.

Final rubbing of your faucet

Once you have rinsed your faucet properly with cold water, time to dry it up again to prevent any water stains from forming on your faucet. This will require you to use a terry cloth again to dry the whole faucet and when once completed, use it to wipe the faucet properly until it starts shining again.

If you want to avoid water spots from forming in the future, then you can take a little amount of baby oil on a clean cloth and rub it all over the faucet to keep it from staining again.

Regular routine cleanup

One of the best ways to make sure that there are no water stains on your chrome kitchen faucet would be to clean your faucet every day and make sure you dry it after every rinse.

You can use the vinegar solution every day to keep your faucet clean or shining or just simply rub it with a terry cloth after every use, both ways would be efficient to keep your chrome faucet free from all stains and spots.

6 Things I learnt about about my stand mixer that you should know

You finally got your new Stand Mixer home, it doesn’t matter whether you got it due to the holiday pressure or because you were in dire need of one, you finally have it now. So now that you have got it home, you need to know a few of the tricks and tips to make your whole experience much more fun and easy.

We have compiled our list of Stand Mixer’s hacks (for a complete recommendation guide, read the stand mixer reviews by HomeGuyd) which you should know about and which would definitely make you fall in love with your mixer.

Always have extra bowls and accessories

Yes you will see that you get plenty of bowls and attachments with the mixer but if you are mixing ingredients multiple times or if you are one of those people who like to bake a lot of cakes, then it would be advisable to get a few extra sets of bowls with their attachments so that your cooking experience is smooth.

You won’t need to clean your utensils after every mix and you would save a lot of time while cooking too. So make sure that the first thing you do after getting a mixer is getting extra sets of utensils.

Keep attachments inside the respective bowl

If you are one of those people who aren’t too familiar with the attachments and which utensil it belongs to, then you need to pay extra attention while storing the bowls and their attachments.

Make sure that you store the attachments in the right bowl as this will avoid them from getting lost or disfigured. While using your mixer, keep the extra accessories aside and then when you have cleaned everything, put them back together.

Get more accessories

Now there is a chance that your mixer might not have come with a good whisk or blades or other accessories. It might have come with a metal blade which is prone to lose their gloss sooner and might not be very effective in scraping the mixer too. In this case, you can get a silicone scraper blade as these are good for use and dishwasher-safe too.

You can get other accessories also to replace the complimentary ones to enhance your whole experience and help your cooking.

It can shred your meat

Yes, I know it’s too good to believe but one of the tasks which your stand mixer can perform for you is to shred the meat for you with a great ease.

Gone are the days when shredding meat was considered a humongous task, now all you have to do is keep your juicy meat in your mixer and add a few flavorings and seasonings and use the wire whip to shred the meat in just under 15 seconds. Sounds amazing, right?

Paddle height can be adjusted

The paddle which lies above the bowl and is used to mix the contents of the bowl can be adjusted and kept at a height so that it mixes the ingredients without touching the bottom of the bowl.

This will ensure that the bowl doesn’t get scraped from the bottom and its coating doesn’t come off anytime soon. With this feature, you can adjust the paddle according to the food requirements making your work a whole lot easier. Here’s how it’s done

You can adjust the speed

You must have noticed that there are loads of different speeds which can be used for various food items. So what do you do with them? Well, you make sure you learn about all the speeds which are available so that when you start cooking you don’t use the wrong speed and turn your kitchen into a disaster.

For example, Speed 2 is used for slow mixing like mashing bananas or mixing pancake and cookies batter, anything that includes cutting fat. Another example is that Speed 8 is perfect for fluffing up your whipped cream or whipping up your egg whites.


5 Items I never leave around in the pantry and neither should you

“Prevention is better than cure.” We all know this saying very well and it’s time we applied it to our pantry items too. Now you might ask why?

Well, our kitchen is filled with such items which are actually harmful to us but we aren’t aware of them because these are the most common items used. Here is a list of all those items which you need to keep an eye out for and probably remove from your kitchen right now:

Canned Foods

Probably one of the worst things you could do is eat food which was previously canned. We know that such foods are so much more convenient to store and serve than fresh food but there are many side effects to this.

A plastic known as BPA(Bisphenol-A) lines all these cans which have been proved to disturb your hormones and cause infertility, breast cancer, etc. So if you do choose canned products, it would be better to be vigilant and go for only those products which don’t have a BPA lining.

Aluminium Foil

It has been long known that this product causes degenerative brain diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and it has been proven that cooking in aluminium foil increases its level by 378%.

Apart from foil, this chemical is found in many utensils, water bottles, canned foods, etc. and its prolonged exposure could seriously affect your mental health. So even though you might think that it may not hurt to use it every now and then, but imagine what would its long-term exposure do to you?

Plastic Containers

It’s a common knowledge that plastic is detrimental to our health if used for long periods of time. Plastics which contain PET (polyethylene terephthalate) such as water bottles, cooking oil bottles, etc. are known to discharge acetaldehyde which is a possible human carcinogen.

Another kind of plastic commonly used in packaging of food is phthalates. These are known to affect the male brain, testosterone levels in babies, etc. So next time you decide to keep food in a plastic container, better make sure that this won’t turn out to be a bad idea after all.

Food Coloring and Dyes

A lot of our food products contains added colors and dyes which could be detrimental to our health. Researchers have found that several kinds of dyes can cause thyroid, cancer and hence are banned in cosmetics and drugs. Many other dyes have known to cause hyperactivity in kids.

This might prove dangerous in the long run so the most logical step would be to make sure you only use food products which don’t have any color added to them. They might look less appealing but hey, at least you won’t have to worry about falling sick because of them.

Antibacterial Soaps

If you think using these soaps is going to keep you clean and safe, then think again because these soaps are known to be more harmful than normal soaps. Most of these soaps and bars have a harmful substance called triclosan in them which can affect your hormones and cause several problems.

It also causes other problem such as thyroid dysfunction, allergies, etc., so it is better to stay away from these soaps. Also, it has not been proven that antibacterial soaps are more effective than regular soaps, so why to take the risk?


Preparing for thanksgiving? Here’s how you roast a turkey right


What’s a thanksgiving if there isn’t a perfectly roasted turkey on the table right? But cooking this big bird is no easy task even for the most experienced of chefs. There’s storage, thawing and tons of other tasks that need to be done right plus cooking time varies depending on the type of meat you’re using.

One of the best advises I was given before my first thanksgiving dinner as a cook was to roast the bird upside down. It’s not exactly the picture perfect turkey you were hoping for but way better than chunk of dry meat.

Why I roast it upside down and so should you

Apart from not drying the meat out which I have often heard plenty of people complain about when it comes to turkey this technique also is quicker and will eliminate the need for basting.

The cooking’s perfect as the turkey isn’t directly in contact with the heat plus the melting fat and juices from the thigh regions helps with the basting while on the heat itself and also results in faster cooking which in turn saves you plenty of time for other important stuff.


The Recipe and technique

There isn’t much change to the recipe. The ingredients needed are similar to a roast recipe but first things first make sure you thaw the bird overnight before you put it on the roast.  Get rid of the neck and excess fat and rub the bird with a generous amount of salt.

While roasting you can add in some herbs, onions etc. but remember these have no bearing on the taste and are purely for aroma purposes.  Remember to place it breast down on the pan.

A turkey should be roasted to about 160°- 165°F which only can be accurately determined using a digital thermometer. Also, make sure all parts like the breast; thighs etc. are equally well cooked.  It usually takes about 2.5-3 hours for a proper roast.

How to brown it

For a picture-perfect Thanksgiving turkey you’ll also need to brown it right. Most recipes will suggest you to continue to flip it over during the last 20-25 minutes of the cook but that’s more likely only going to result in more burns than brown. To get it perfect with a crisp skin use the broiler.

Confused? Check out more tips below

Serve it like a pro

Last but not the least comes the serving which like your cooking needs to be perfect. Let the turkey still for about 20 mins before carving and place it on a chopping board.

Prep the curry or sauce in the meantime and once done begin by first carving out the thighs and then move onto the drumsticks and other parts. In case of left over it can be stored for about 1-2 months if frozen and about 2-3 days if refrigerated using airtight cases.

Love cooking? Got these 5 countertop appliance yet?

Well not every appliance is perfect for your kitchen. Whether it’s an upgrade or the cheapest or the most expensive there are plenty of factors you need to take into account before you go on a shopping spree. So if you’ve just setup a new kitchen or a restaurant here’s a comprehensive guide about the appliances every kitchen needs.

Slow cookers

One of the most useful pieces of equipment is a cooker and a slow cooker is one you’ll need every day especially on hectic and tiring work days or wintery days when all you need is bowl of hot soup.

Just throw in your favorite ingredients and voila, your favorite soup in minutes, Apart from that stews, potluck dinners etc. a slow cookers is ideal for it all. Opt for models with detachable stoneware attachments for more versatility.


Espresso Machine

Find the Starbucks coffee too expensive but yet love its taste? In that case, a high-end espresso machine is what you’ll need. With these machines, you’ll no longer be wasting time standing brewing and grinding coffee beans for hours.

Capable of producing 4-5 coffee cups at one go, it’s exactly the machine one needs to spend some quality time with friends and family on a quiet weekend. It’s minimal effort for maximum quality. Learn to use one below.


Toaster ovens

Looking for a quick-fire on the go breakfast? What tastes better than bread toast with some butter and ham or veggies on top isn’t it? But before you get on with that make sure you have a good quality toaster oven.

A toaster oven unlike general belief isn’t a luxury but at times a necessity. It also efficiently heats up buns, bakes cookies, cakes etc. and when required reheats food too.


Stand Mixer

While a toaster oven is perfectly capable of baking stuff for you it’s important that the dough, batter etc. are prepared correctly and quickly. For this purpose a stand mixer alone is the solution. Whether you need cupcakes, muffins etc. for a party or a large event a stand mixer is the ideal baking partner.

With its tons of attachments and upgrades available at your disposal you can also cover tasks such as grinding, chopping etc. This multi-purpose equipment isn’t one you’d want to leave out. Learn more about my picks for 2016.



Wine coolers

Another appliance most would consider a luxury but if you love wine and host parties on a regular basis a wine cooler will come in more handy then you first thought. The higher end models come with top notch features such as temperature control as per the bottle etc.

These coolers also store and dispense wine thus your wine stays fresh and exotic even weeks after opening.


A few other important machines that you’d like to add to your bucket list are blenders, a food processor and soda maker for some yummy mocktails and cocktails. Let us know what you think about it? Did we miss out on something?