Love cooking? Got these 5 countertop appliance yet?

Well not every appliance is perfect for your kitchen. Whether it’s an upgrade or the cheapest or the most expensive there are plenty of factors you need to take into account before you go on a shopping spree. So if you’ve just setup a new kitchen or a restaurant here’s a comprehensive guide about the appliances every kitchen needs.

Slow cookers

One of the most useful pieces of equipment is a cooker and a slow cooker is one you’ll need every day especially on hectic and tiring work days or wintery days when all you need is bowl of hot soup.

Just throw in your favorite ingredients and voila, your favorite soup in minutes, Apart from that stews, potluck dinners etc. a slow cookers is ideal for it all. Opt for models with detachable stoneware attachments for more versatility.


Espresso Machine

Find the Starbucks coffee too expensive but yet love its taste? In that case, a high-end espresso machine is what you’ll need. With these machines, you’ll no longer be wasting time standing brewing and grinding coffee beans for hours.

Capable of producing 4-5 coffee cups at one go, it’s exactly the machine one needs to spend some quality time with friends and family on a quiet weekend. It’s minimal effort for maximum quality. Learn to use one below.


Toaster ovens

Looking for a quick-fire on the go breakfast? What tastes better than bread toast with some butter and ham or veggies on top isn’t it? But before you get on with that make sure you have a good quality toaster oven.

A toaster oven unlike general belief isn’t a luxury but at times a necessity. It also efficiently heats up buns, bakes cookies, cakes etc. and when required reheats food too.


Stand Mixer

While a toaster oven is perfectly capable of baking stuff for you it’s important that the dough, batter etc. are prepared correctly and quickly. For this purpose a stand mixer alone is the solution. Whether you need cupcakes, muffins etc. for a party or a large event a stand mixer is the ideal baking partner.

With its tons of attachments and upgrades available at your disposal you can also cover tasks such as grinding, chopping etc. This multi-purpose equipment isn’t one you’d want to leave out. Learn more about my picks for 2016.



Wine coolers

Another appliance most would consider a luxury but if you love wine and host parties on a regular basis a wine cooler will come in more handy then you first thought. The higher end models come with top notch features such as temperature control as per the bottle etc.

These coolers also store and dispense wine thus your wine stays fresh and exotic even weeks after opening.


A few other important machines that you’d like to add to your bucket list are blenders, a food processor and soda maker for some yummy mocktails and cocktails. Let us know what you think about it? Did we miss out on something?


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